Shoulder Pain Physiotherapy


At LS physiotherapy we treat shoulder injuries and shoulder pain.

We provide physiotherapy for your shoulder, whether you’ve had a sports-related injury, you’ve had shoulder surgery or you just developed shoulder pain. Your physio can help.

Following a thorough assessment, your physiotherapist will treat your shoulder condition. Following treatment, your physio will guide you through shoulder exercises.

These exercises will be for shoulder pain and/or strengthening your shoulder to achieve a successful rehabilitation.

Your physiotherapist's experience

Your specialist physiotherapist has over 25 years’ experience in treating shoulder pain, shoulder injuries and post-surgery rehabilitation of the shoulder.

Your physiotherapist is a specialist in shoulder physiotherapy treatment since completing her master’s degree in sports medicine at Queen's Medical Centre at Nottingham University in 2003.

Her master's dissertation involved assessing and treating shoulder instability, with and without surgery. And since then she has focussed her interests in treating shoulder conditions, injuries and post surgery rehabilitation.

She has extensive experience working alongside orthopaedic surgeons in private practice at a private hospital in Milton Keynes, from 2001 to 2020 in treating patients that have had surgery for shoulder conditions.

With this extensive experience and specialism, if scans or an orthopaedic specialist is required for your shoulder treatment, you will be referred, as your physiotherapist is qualified to refer you for X-rays, scans and/or to a specialist.

Your shoulder physiotherapist is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists, among other medical professional councils.

Physiotherapy for shoulder pain

LS Physiotherapy treat a wide range of shoulder conditions, which include conditions like:

  • shoulder pain

  • shoulder injuries

  • instability

  • frozen shoulder

  • subacromial impingement (shoulder impingement)

  • rotator cuff tendinitis

  • acromioclavicular (AC) joint issues

  • bursitis

  • collarbone pain from sleeping

  • scapular pain

  • trapezius pain

  • supraspinatus pain

The treatment for your shoulder conditions will start with an assessment. This initial appointment is usually longer than follow-on appointments. Extra time is required to do a thorough assessment on your shoulder.

During the assessment of your shoulder, the physiotherapist could assess the shoulder joint, the range of movement, external rotation, and where and when you feel pain when you move your shoulder.

Book an appointment

If you would like to book a shoulder physiotherapy appointment, please proceed to the online booking system. Please book an MSK initial appointment (MSK includes shoulder physiotherapy).

Or if you would like to speak to your physiotherapist first to get more information, please Contact your physiotherapist via email or phone. All contact information is on our contact page.

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LS Physiotherapy provides treatment to self-pay patients as well as insured patients. We are registered with most private medical providers.

What patients say about LS Physiotherapy

"I went to see Lisa because of two injuries which she was able to treat very effectively with physio and exercise routines. Lisa is friendly and professional and her flexibility with appointment booking was appreciated too. Thank you"